Thursday, April 23, 2009

'New' Loom

So above is the new loom. It looks a bit weird because the Leclerc Meko is folded up and shoved in front of it. I am seriously running out of room........

The new loom is a J-Made and needs a few minor repairs, but nothing that Doug can't handle. Once he's finished installing the insulation in the attic, gutted and re-done the bathroom, plus many other small jobs that have been sadly neglected around here the past few years. Now that we both have a little more energy, I'm hoping that he can get some maintenance on the house dealt with while I try to de-clutter.

I'm still trying to unload the van, and am seriously tempted to just leave all the yarn in the van for the next trip in May. Like I said, I am seriously running out of room. :(

But I did get the skirt fabric wet finished and will cut and serge it tomorrow. I promised to use orange thread but have to check first if I have any. May need to run to the store tomorrow to get some.

Also got some financial stuff dealt with and out of the way, so I do feel like I've made a little progress today.


barbara said...

Congratulations on your new-to-you loom. I know what you mean by running out of space. I too need to de-clutter. I get this feeling that if I remove something from the house or studio; then I will immediately wish I had not. Then I think, it is such a big job. Remember the old saying "how do you eat an elephant?", answer "one bite at a time". Perhaps I will just do some "little bites" and see where that gets me. A few years back I sold my spinning equipment, and don't miss that. I just sold a loom, it had been out on loan for a number of years - so I don't miss it. Perhaps, I am getting the hang of this de-cluttering. Good luck with your de-cluttering tasks. Weaverly yours

Laura said...

Hi Barbara,

I'm hoping the loom will be a loaned for new weavers, so it will likely find a new home at some point. First the repairs though.

I'm trying to de-clutter a little bit everyday, but first I have to finish unpacking from the last trip. :}