Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inching Along

So I did as Barbara suggested - stopped for dinner, watched some tv, hemmed and knitted, and then went back down to the loom concentrating on getting that right selvedge a whole lot more consistent. :) This photo shows the first sash about 3/4's of the way done.

And here's a close up showing the selvedges.

Doesn't address the white showing, but I suspect I'm obsessing over something over which they won't really care all that much about. :}

For the most part I've stopped taking special orders unless I can just make something close and let the client decide whether or not to take it. But these sashes - well they need them before the end of May for a performance, and I knew I could weave them. Just didn't expect them to require so much physical effort. My neck is not happy after doing the first one. :( So I pilled up, will take a break and then start on number two.

Massage tomorrow, so hopefully I can book another appointment fairly soon to take care of the rest of the physical effort that is being required. It's been a long time since I've used a stick shuttle to carry the weft and used it as a beater - I'd forgotten just how much my neck disapproves when I do that. :(

Really wish I had asked for more than what I charged for them - although they weren't very happy about my price as it was. :( Oh well, at least I hope they will be happy that I delivered in a timely fashion. :D If my neck doesn't seize up entirely, I ought to be able to deliver by the weekend.


barbara said...

Wow, these are looking great now! Congratulations ..... don't forget a wee break every once in a while - rest your neck!!!!! We tend to think only about getting to an end of a project. I am not good at breaks, through I am really trying to "pace myself" with my weaving and gardening these days. I am trying to "practice the advice I give"!!!

Sandra Rude said...

Those selvedges look pretty darn good! But be sure to take as good care of yourself as you are of the dancers.

Bonnie Inouye said...

I made inkle and card woven belts for dancers, years ago. When the warp includes dark and white yarns, I choose a mid-value weft and also make that the edge color. However the little white bits along the edge of yours might be decorative when worn by the dancers.