Saturday, April 25, 2009


Here is the headdress fabric. Amazingly enough, I was quite happy with the very first one and didn't make any changes from the proto-type. How rare is that? :D

What I am weaving is no where near as fancy as the example given me, but I'm working under a very tight deadline here and keeping track of 7 shuttles and a complex colour sequence is taking long enough that I opted for simple in terms of weave structure. These are for dance costumes, so it's important that they look striking from a distance. I wound up using more metallic than originally planned on paper so that the headdresses will really sparkle on stage.

I also wove quite a bit more of the brick at the beginning and end than I anticipate will wind up being used in the actual headdress because the finished article will be lined and interlined and rather than leave too little for seam allowances, I wove a bit extra. Since I have lots of extra warp, more was easy, and it's not possible to make something longer if it is too short. :)

Just finished dinner so I'm going to head back down to the loom and see how far I can get tonight. It would be fantastic to get this warp all woven so that I can wet finish tomorrow and deliver with the skirts on Monday. :)

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