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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ukrainian Skirts

The skirts are more orange in real life, but this gives an impression of what the cloth looks like.

The skirts are 'railroaded' - in other words the warp will be horizontal and the selvedges can be used for waist and hem.

The fabric is a 3:1 twill - i.e. the face of the fabric has 3 threads of warp to 1 thread of weft showing. As usual, I'm weaving the cloth backside up so that I only have to lift the one thread. Now that I have air assist it isn't that big a deal, but I figure anything that is hard for my body to do will be hard for the loom to do.

So I content myself by looking at the back side of the cloth while weaving.

Last night I managed to get two yards woven by the time Doug got home at 9:15. Today I've carried boxes up the stairs in preparation to loading the van but for now I'm going to go weave and see if I can get another two yards done before lunch.

And then I'll head to town with some of the orders that arrived through my Art Fire store. :)

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