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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Computer Spa Update

Laura posted, a couple of weeks ago, that she wasn't sure what happened at the "Computer Spa" when her computer is dropped off for a visit.

Well here is photographic proof of the hard work that goes on in Laura's absence. Wrapped in hand woven towel (Ann Rostrup) with a glass (Waterford) of moral support (Naramta Fosh - red), she compares recent events, virus encounters and top level design concepts with a former backup loom controller (to the right) and younger sister (one serial number less).


Sandra Rude said...

I'm glad to know your computer is being well treated in your absence! A handwoven towel, no less...

Anonymous said...

My computer is soooo jealous! It has never been wrapped in a handwoven anything, much less the wine in Waterford.