Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Pressing Matter

I had every intention of threading the AVL today with the warp for the throws (afghans, whatever you call them) but realized that one of the piles threatening to topple over in the studio was the tea towels I've woven and that Karena has been diligently cutting apart ready to be wet finished.

Decided that I would really like to see a little floor in my studio, and one way would be to deal with the wet finishing. Unfortunately it isn't going to get done all in one go, so on the theory that doing a little bit every day (every other day?) will eventually see the pile in the studio disappear, I started with one load. It turned out that the aqua warp was exactly one washing machine load's worth so here they are on the drying rack after pressing.

Once those were done, I turned my hand to some of the towels that had been wet finished and hemmed and got a few of those pressed and ready to be tagged and priced, too.

I was a bad girl today and woke up feeling so muzzy headed I had a small cup of real coffee. Unfortunately my bp wasn't real happy about that and spiked, but it wasn't too high and since I knew what had caused it didn't cause much grief. But I did feel like I needed to do some exercise and wove one chenille scarf on the Fanny this evening. I'm hoping that the exercise and my evening dose of meds will bring things back to normal. And I promise to be good and not have any more real coffee. At least for a while. :}

The good news is that I finally got a phone call from the specialist's office today and I'll go in to see him April 14. I have some questions about what the future holds and what sort of treatment I should expect given the two other blockages.........


Jean said...

Laura -
Good luck on your appointment 4/14. I must add my continuing gratefulness for your generous input on Weaving Digest queries, and in the past on the towel challenge. How you fit all the writing in with your wonderful and extensive weaving, to say nothing about the need to take care of yourself is beyond my comprehension. Many, many thanks. Jean Gallup

Laura said...

Thanks Jean. As for my time, I just don't do housework. :D


who may have found help for a 'spring clean' once the bathroom reno is done

Peg in South Carolina said...

Housework? Housework? What language are you speaking????? (grin!) I've left an award for you on my blog. You can go here to pick it up: