Saturday, April 11, 2009

Full Sized Sample

Apparently this warp wasn't going slowly enough because I had a hare-brained idea to add some chenille to this one. Meaning two shuttles. :}

The weft I've been using is a high quality acrylic slub woven in twill. I added one pick of chenille for each two picks of the slub - again in twill.

Which may very well be a recipe for disaster because I haven't sampled to check for shrinkage compatibility. I'm actually suspicious that they will have very different rates so this afghan may well turn out to be some pet's blankie. :} Not to mention the possibility of the dreaded "worming" that chenille is so famous for!

The thing is, I've got loads and loads of chenille too, and thought it might be a good way to use some of it up. The challenge is, of course, stash reduction after all........

In spite of the slow going I managed to persevere and today got about 14 feet woven. (The meter counts in feet, not yards.) So nearly 5 yards. Given I estimated about 20 yards left on the loom, that means there ought to be just about 15 yards left to go. The warp beam is certainly looking much slimmer than before.

However I really need to do some prep work for the upcoming trip so I'm not sure I can get this warp woven before I leave, but I will try my best in the time left and see if I can't at least get close. :)


Sharon Schulze said...

Oooo... I just made three shawls from a single warp, and two were in cotton chenille. One of them turned out just fine. Flat and even and lovely. But the other one wormed out all over the place! I had never had that happen before and I guess I was a little smug, but no longer.

Laura said...

Hi Sharon,

What weave structure did you use? Even cotton chenille needs to be tightly woven, preferably in plain weave.

Since I used twill and rayon chenille, I suspect this afghan will be a rag very soon.

But if you never push the envelope.... :^)