Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beginning Weaving

Here are the intrepid new weavers, weaving away at 3 pm this afternoon. :)

Cindy already has a loom - it's been in storage for a while, waiting for her to have more time for it - Charlotte is anticipating a loaner. Both are doing very well and I expect them to be able to finish off their sample which will (of course!) be wet finished before they leave.

While they dressed their looms, I lurked in the background (literally) winding another warp for a guild group project. I expect to be able to wind one more tomorrow, then dress two more looms in the coming weeks.

The Baby Wolf you can just barely see in the foreground was warped last month with an 8 shaft Bronson Lace project and at least one person has woven on it so far.

It was a lovely day - predicted temp of 19 C (70F) was surely hit - which meant the room got rather warm in the afternoon. Fortunately I found the fan so we managed to keep going. :)

After dinner I wove 3 placemats which means I'm about 1/4 the way through that warp. Still have to finish the sashes though and call the client re: delivery. :) Hopefully Monday.

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Delighted Hands said...

Loom lust blooms in this new weaver's chest! Thanks for your weaving blog and all the information/inspiration you share!