Saturday, May 16, 2009

Seeing Red

Got the placemat warp woven and wet finished. While the washer was running I decided to beam a painted silk warp.

I had a bunch of these silk boucle warps painted, but have never been 100% happy with my results. After mulling it over for a rather long time I decided to change my approach entirely.

Instead of setting the warp up for a 10" wide scarf warp at 20 epi, I spread it out at 10 epi for a 20" wide shawl warp instead.

I have no idea if it will come close to results that will make me happy, but I figured investing one warp to make a full sized sample would be a good investment. If nothing else, I may keep the shawl for myself. :D

Since I have a bunch of this yarn dyed up I can do silk weft on silk warp. The yarn is a bit on the stiff side so will have lots of 'tooth' and a very open gauzy fabric should still wear well as a shawl.

I also have about 30 more pounds to dye so I can do semi-solids for weft on the painted warps. Just have to get the yarn wound into skeins and dye it. :}

Actually I have quite a lot of yarn left to dye, so that's one of the things that will take a higher priority once I get home from ANWG in June.

My week 'off' seems to have worked to re-energize me. Good thing as deadlines are most definitely looming!

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