Friday, May 1, 2009

Stash Reduction Continues

After dinner I went back down to the loom and used up another cone weaving a couple of table runners.
Then I started in on some more yarns, bundling them together to make a nice thick weft yarn for place mats.
In this photo you can just see the table runner turning round the breast beam and the beginning of the place mat.
The threading is Wall of Troy, but I'm treadling it so that a highly textured fabric results, partly to make the fabric thicker, partly because the weft is already textured I doubt the pattern will show very well.
I may change to tromp as writ with a different combination of yarns - I'll see what I use when these yarns are used up. :)
Am about as ready as I can be for the class tomorrow. Doug is still in the attic worrying away at spreading the batts of insulation now that the fan is wired in.

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Sharon Schulze said...

I think I know the answer... but... what is the best way to study the effect of different treadlings on a piece? I've looked in books and I'm great at perusing patterns and picking one to try out, but I think I'm at a place where I want to start getting better at making predictions about how a treadling and threading will interact. I don't have weaving software so would you say it's a better use of my time to draw things out on graph paper or to just put on a longish warp and play?

Do you have an opinion about whether using a table top loom makes it easier or harder to fiddle with treadlings? I mean, it's obviously easier because you don't have to do new tie ups, but in terms of understanding the interactions?