Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19, 2009

No those aren't plum blossoms on the ground. The plum blossoms had barely erupted on the trees yesterday - and today SNOW is falling. Sigh.

So much for global 'warming'!

On the weaving front, I got two shawls woven yesterday, labelled and priced yarn and packed up another couple of boxes for the trip to Alberta (HWSDA conference in Olds, AB), finished the project for Handwoven and got it and some yarn orders packaged up ready to mail today.

Now it's time to get dressed and pick mom up for brunch and errands. I hope to finish the last shawl on the AVL today and then perhaps dress the Fanny with one of the chenille warps I wound Sunday.

All the time keeping fingers crossed we don't have to drive through the Rocky Mountains on Thursday during a snowstorm.......... :}


barbara said...

We thought it was cool (downright cold) here on Prince Edward Island ... at least we don't have snow!!! Hopefully, it will be gone today or tomorrow.

Laura said...

It's already turned to rain - hope it gets over and done with today!



Sandra Rude said...

I grew up in Montana, and clearly remember snow on the ground (and on the roads over mountain passes) until mid-June some years. Here's to a dry, safe drive across the Rockies!

Laura said...

The weather forecast is looking better for the weekend - we'll see! ;)