Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thought I would share how I go about setting up my fringes. Above picture shows the end of the first scarf (bottom of the ruler) and the cutting line for between the two scarves.

The picture below shows the cutting line, the first four fugitive picks and then the beginning of the weaving for the second scarf. The measuring 'tape' is just pinned to the web. I have a variety of these 'tapes' for different textiles. This one is 66" long as that is a common length I make for scarves.

I don't weave anything into the fringes, just let the unwoven warp ends roll onto the cloth beam ensuring that they don't fall off the cloth on the cloth beam.

The first and last pick of the scarf are wound into the appropriate bout of fringes - I fringe twist regenerated cellulose fibres to make sure they don't disintegrate and that they will wear well.

When the scarves (two per warp) are removed from the loom I cut them apart through the cutting line, fold them into quarters and set them aside until they are ready to be twisted.

I always begin twisting on the side away from the weft tail and work toward the loose weft pick twisting the weft tail into the last bout.

Doug has just started to load the van up (he had to gas up and fill the tires) and as it's just 4:30 pm there is plenty of time to finish the second scarf and cut this warp off the loom.

And then I need to pack........

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