Sunday, May 17, 2009

Red Shawl

While I still have to trim the fringes, the red silk boucle shawl is essentially done. And I am much happier with it than previous incarnations using this yarn.

Sometimes we get so set on an approach we can't see any other way of working. :( So it was with this yarn. I stuck to my original approach in spite of the fact that I wasn't particularly happy. After all I was selling some of the scarves. :}

But not enough of them, and I finally had to stop swimming in De Nile and face up to the fact that something had to change.

I have a couple of dozen painted warps that were wound for scarves. I can only get one shawl from each of these scarf warps, but you know - I'd rather get one really quite nice textile than two so-so ones.

The rest I took this week helped me see more clearly. Since I wasn't caught in the day to day scramble to work I had time to ponder and let subversive thoughts like "those silk boucle scarves really aren't as nice as you like - what do you need to do to change the outcome" bubble to my conscious mind.

After all, if you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll keep getting what you've been getting.

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barbara said...

Wonderful to hear your shawl project worked out, and you are happy with the results. Wonderful to hear that your energy has returned!!! Weaverly yours .....

Sandra Rude said...

It's beautiful! See what a change of direction gets you? I need to become more open to those paradigm shifts, myself.