Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wallowing...and Getting OVER it!

The last three days have been challenging for a number of reasons, and I found myself wallowing in procrastination, not wanting to do anything. So I watched a lot of tv and knitted or worked on a jigsaw puzzle. :(

Finally late this afternoon I gave myself a smack upside my head and told myself to Get Over It. I had managed to finish winding a warp Karena had started Monday and since the Fanny was empty, put it on today.

Decided to work with the flanges and warping valet again.

Here is the warp just entered into the loom and attached to the apron rod at the back. The choke tie is still in place. You can see the warp travels under the breast beam. Since on the Fanny the breast beam lifts off, I got Doug to secure it so that it was fixed. I don't need to remove it to thread, so leaving it fixed is not a problem for me.

And here is a close up of the water jug attached to the chain. I use a loop of heavy cord, lark's head it around the warp chain, then suspend the water jug from an 's' hook.

My studio has a fairly low ceiling so the warping valet is mounted to the ceiling with brackets. Doug joked today that it was a good thing the ceiling was so low or I wouldn't be able to reach the rod. I told him he would just have used longer brackets. :^)

Here is another view of the flange sticks. I did a better job of getting them aligned this time, and it didn't take me nearly so long. Practice makes perfect!

You can also just see the Purrington Angel Wings attached to the loom. After beaming, I transfer the cross and set the lease sticks into the Wings. Doug made me dowels as well as flat lease sticks, but I find I like the flat sticks better. It's easier for me to see the cross in order to select the next threads in their order.

You can't see the lease sticks in any of these photos. I leave them in front of the reed to help clear any tangles out and help with gauging how far I can wind before I clear the next length.

I did finally manage to thread, sley and tie on. I also hem stitched the first mat and wove a few inches, just to feel as though I'd accomplished something today. My mood is still low, but at least I've broken through the procrastination.

Maybe I can also finish transcribing WeaveCast episode 36. :)

Currently reading The Root of Wild Madder by Brian Murphy (I'll probably post a review when I've read it)


Susan said...

Root of Wild Madder is an excellent book!

Sometimes the get up and go, just up and leaves. It's always a puzzle for me as I love doing what we do and then one day I just don't go near a loom for a few days and don't miss it. Then back again and back in the game.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling low. Sometimes playing hooky is good for the soul.


Sharon Schulze said...

I love the feeling of getting back to things after I've been on a procrastination vacation. :-)

Do you know of a way to put up the warping valet without the brackets in the ceiling? Have you ever seen a valet set up on some kind of frame that could be moved or stored? My studio is also a guest bedroom (not used for that much... but occasionally) and I need to be able to move the weaving stuff out of the way. Plus the arrangement of lights and fans on the ceiling keep me from putting up the brackets in a place where they are near the loom.

Laura said...

Hi Sharon,

Get Kati Meek Reader's book Dance with your loom. She shows how to build a trapeze (that's what she calls the same sort of device attached to the loom). And gives lots of tips for how to work with a valet/trapeze.



Kerstin in Sweden said...

Here is a picture of the valet that the famous Öxabäck looms produce:
Website only in Swedish - but the bottom-right picture needs no words. The valet consists of three pieces - the two uprights plus the steel tube at the top. (Incidentally, that design also comes from Folke with the flanges...)

Laura said...

Tack, Kerstin. :)



mageez said...

Hi Laura
where can i get those flange sticks? have struggled for years with warp spreading when i wind on. this is a wonderful invention and i want one.

Laura said...

Hi Mageez,

In a previous post on May 1, Kerstin gave the url for a website in Sweden for the flanges.

I got mine when I was visiting Sweden a few years ago. They are *very* heavy so shipping would probably be a huge obstacle in mail ordering them. :(

trish said...

Hi Laura
I was wondering what would you suggest if we breast beam comes off, but I want to continue to allow it do so that is I don't want it permanently affixed.
thanks for your help

Laura said...

You can affix the beam with something like a screen door hook. Drill into the end of the breast beam and the loom side frame, hook on the frame, eye on the beam. Easily hooked on, and off.