Monday, May 4, 2009

Master Weavers (GCW)

For those who are interested, I thought I'd post the list of GCW Master Weavers and their monograph topics. The GCW now requires that a copy of the research topic/monograph be lodged with the GCW library, so some of the more recent ones are available for study to guild members via library loan - including both my monograph and the resulting book Magic in the Water.


1955 Mary Black: Tartans
Mary Sandin: Linen and the Linen Weaves

1958 Nell Steedsman: Two Frame Weaving

1959 (?) Grace McDowell: Box Loom Weaving

1973 Adrienne Whitelaw: Ceinture Fleche

1975 Mary Andrews: Fundamentals of Weaving

1977 Sandra Feenstra: Double Weaves
Dini Moes: The Use of Color in Handweaving

1979 Judith Rygiel: Stitched Double Weave

1981 Eileen Shannon: A Workshop Study of Point Twill

1985 Jane Evans: Tied Latvian Weave

1986 Linda Heinrich: A Comprehensive Study of Flax and Linen
Noreen Rustad: Beiderwand

1989 Anke Keizer-Bles: Exploring the Moorman Technique for Clothing
Margaret Berg: A Study of 8-Shaft Multiple Tabby Weaves and Twills

1990 Sandra Fearon: Shadow Weave Design

1991 Patricia Corbett: Color and Texture Variation in Knotted Pile
Gaye Hansen: Twice Warped - Twelve Techniques for the Second Warp Beam
Kay Reiber: Summer and Winter: A System for All Seasons
Frances Timbers: The Handkerchief

1992 Valerie DePorto: Design Dynamics of Multishaft Swedish Lace

1993 June Bell: Finnweave
Mabel Verigin: The Forgotten Weaves

1994 Margaret Hahn: Opphamta

1995 Christine Hill: Wool: Fleece, Fibre and Fabric
Evelyn Oldroyd: The Wonder of Weaving Silk
1997 Laura Fry: Transformations: Fulling Handwoven Fabrics

1998 Carol Oberg: Brain-based Learning in the Weaving Studio - Process of Regeneration

2001 Ruth Jarvis: Ramie

2003 Helene Ruel: La Magie de l’Ikat (The Magic of Ikat)

The GCW translates all their bulletins into French, and Helene Ruel submitted her tests in French. So far one American has submitted and received her Master Level. You don't have to be Canadian to submit, just be a member of the guild.

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Brenda said...

Read your list and saw names I haven't thought of for a long time! I met Eileen Shannon at a Peace Country S&W Guild event many years ago. And Margaret Berg is a friend of my family from many, many years back, when her husband Roy was with the University of Alberta and involving my rancher dad in his research projects.