Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labour Day Weekend

This is how I spent my Sunday afternoon.  When you are self-employed, every day is a potential work day (labour day?)

Now I'm 'steamed', well and truly.  :^)

There is a thread on one of the chat lists about whether or not you can unweave when using an end feed shuttle.

Well, of course you can.  The question that each person needs to ask themselves is if they really want to.

I learned a long time ago that I can always make more money but I can never make more time.  Once I've spent my time it is gone forever.

To unweave, salvaging the weft while using an end feed shuttle, is just not worth my time.  If I need to go back, especially more than a few picks, I'd much rather cut the weft picks and pull them out.  If I'm weaving with a standard boat shuttle I will unweave up to 12 picks but if it is more than that, it just isn't worth the time and messy bobbin.

But this sort of issue is all about personal preference.  The only person who can properly answer the question is the person themselves.

Did some thinking about the Seattle guild presentation while pressing and when I gather myself together again, I will try to jot down my thoughts and make an outline to follow while putting together part II of the Power Point presentation.

Right now I'm going to try to find a snack and maybe read for a while.  Three hours of hard pressing and I'm flattened.  :^)

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