Friday, September 28, 2012


Received this lovely bag of yarn goodness on Wednesday and have no where to unpack it because I've got two other warps in process and they both need the work table very soon.  If I unpack the bag it will no longer be contained but spread out all over, so other than take a quick peek, it's quietly waiting in a corner.

Wednesday was recuperation day and I really didn't accomplish very much.  Yesterday and today I've had appointments that have interrupted my weaving, today especially as the X-ray department was running way behind.  Seems there are sick people at the hospital who take precedence!  Not to mention equipment failure that needed fixing.  So my 2:30 appointment became a 3:45 procedure.  But the bone density scan is done.  Not sure how long it will take to get the results.  (Good thing I had my book with me.  Really good thing!)

The AVL still needs to be put back together and the liftplan generated but the sample on the small loom is now officially at the half way point.  With more committments over the weekend and appointments early in the week I'm not sure when I'll get to the end of it, but it's getting there.

While I was away I got an inquiry for an article but I've not been able to touch base with the editor - not sure if it's my email or hers.  With a Nov. 14 deadline it looks like that opportunity may slip away.  And if I don't get the warp off the AVL toot sweet, I may not get the samples for the designer done any time soon either.

Can you tell I'm feeling the pressure????

Seems like the life of an independent weaver is feast or famine - if you don't have any work to be done you panic about finding some, not to mention fret about the lack of income.  Then the work seems to flood in and you scramble to get it all done on time.

My teaching calendar for 2013 is essentially full, especially if I get a contract from the designer.  During 2014 there are fewer regional conferences so if I'm going to apply to any of them I will have to check the calendar and see when the application deadlines are.  If anyone knows of smaller conferences looking for an instructor, let me know.  So far I've got one date pencilled in for '14 but that's all.

After the weekend I will be going through the emails for the tour in Jan/Feb as I will want to mail out the yarns for those workshops needing them no later than mid-December - late enough to miss the Christmas mail crunch, early enough to arrive for the holiday in case the participants have 'spare' time to get their looms dressed before the workshops.

Booking dates a year in advance always makes it seem like everything is so far away, but the pages of the calendar flip over very quickly!

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