Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Chose to have a quiet day today.  It feels like I've been running full tilt for so long, a day to just quietly chill suddenly became very attractive.

I've not been sleeping well for several weeks (what's up with that, anyway?) so my energy levels are not high and it will be a busy week starting tomorrow.

Playing games on the computer, reading, hemming, maybe even napping seem very attractive right now.

Doug has officially turned in his letter of resignation - leap and the net will appear - so one of the priorities when I get home will be to finish the AGY:Rayon sample on the AVL, slam a test warp on and weave samples for my prospective client.  Then I can work on the new rayon scarves on the Leclerc Fanny as the yarn arrived the day before I left.  I just hope I have enough of the bamboo yarn on hand.  If not I can order a small fill in amount from a 'local' retail supplier, just to get a few more scarves woven for the fall sales.  Hopefully I can get the scarves woven in between sending the samples to the client and her deciding if the fabric will suit her purposes.  If it does I will have to weave the cloth off so they can do their sampling.  If she doesn't like what I've done, the rest of the 'sample' warp will be woven off in tea towels.  But it has to be woven off before I can try another sample.  :}  She says that if they place a 'real' order it will be in 30 meter amounts.

Sales here so far have been slow but almost exclusively scarves so I'm glad I brought a few more with me.

From September until mid-November the focus is on the retail shows so as soon as I get home I will have to finish up the rest of the inventory for those.  The first craft fair is mid-October and there are 5 in a row until mid-November.  Somewhere in all of that there is AGY:Rayon to work on, finalize the first tour of the new year and send out workshop instructions for the participants.

Having a quiet day today seems like a really Good Idea.  :)

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DebbieB said...

Congratulations to Doug! Now he can be a full-time weaving-support person. :) Hopefully that will free you up from some of the less-enjoyable but very necessary aspects of the business.