Thursday, September 6, 2012

Slow But Steady

Finished winding this warp today and after lunch will rough sley it and get it into the loom.

The white is the cut line and I will weave a contrasting colour for the weft-wise cut line as I have been doing for the last few warps.

For some of the samples I just changed treadling to make the cut line, but that doesn't always work.

When I first thought about this project I'd thought to make actual finished items, so warp cut lines weren't going to work very well.  For several of the cotton samples I wove cloth with straight lines as part of their design so that cutting would be easy, but not have actual cut lines to interfere with the finished item.

Since then I decided that I didn't actually need a finished item, that the sample would be sufficient.  This decision has made life enormously simpler.

My hope with these publications is not to create a portfolio of textiles that can be simply copied as they are - although that is possible - but to provide enough information that weavers can push the boundaries of their own knowledge and experience to create their own textiles.

As a teacher I am far more interested in people winding up knowing more than they may have before.  My hope is that they end up a more confident weaver with a broader base of knowledge.

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