Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Bitty Day

Fringe after wet finishing and trimming - showing both ends of the scarf

Today was a 'bitty' day - a bit of this, a bit of that, a bit of something else.

Sorted the piles of wet finishing, winding up with 5 different loads - two loads of cotton tea towels because the Fox Fibre yarn needs to be wet finished differently than ordinary cotton.  One load of samples for AGY:R, two loads of scarves (one red load, one blue load).

Set up video camera to do a clip of fringe twisting.  Battled through the editing software - I don't use it often enough to remember from time to time.

Fought with Power Point - I knew there was a way to add video clips and finally found it. Spent time rummaging through photos, then taking more because I didn't have exactly what I needed for the presentation.  You'd think that with something like 2000 photos on file I would have everything I needed.  :)  Of course, then there's finding it! 

Finished Part I of the Seattle Weavers Guild presentation and burned it to a cd.  Have to do an outline for Part II and get that done this week.

Wove on the rayon chenille sample for AGY:R in between dealing with washer/dryer.

While running the loads through the washer and dryer remembered the stack of soy protein scarves that had been pressed while too wet and finished up stiff.  Tossed them into the dryer to tumble for 10 minutes to soften them up.  Will take them to the press tomorrow, too, as I didn't get to the dryer quickly enough and they wound up with some wrinkles.

I'm about to have dinner and then hopefully finish the last four yards of the rayon chenille "before" sample.  I will see if I feel up to winding the rayon chenille warp for the "after" sample.  That will likely wait until tomorrow.

While I finished beaming the Diversified Plain Weave sample warp on the AVL yesterday, I haven't touched it yet.  I'm hoping to start threading tomorrow after pressing.

The rest of the week will be filled with 'bitty' jobs, too - suitcase is out, ready to be filled.  Sales tags for the Seattle sale need to be ready because I'll tag/price the inventory for the sale before I come home.  I'll be dropping inventory off to a gal in Quesnel on the way south, so I have to pack that, the display equipment and my cash box.  All the teaching materials for Texas have to be gathered.  Tuesday evening I'll take the stuff that needs trimming to the guild room and do that there.  And maybe fringe twist some more.

I'm hoping mom will drive herself to her dental appointment on Thursday so I don't wind up spending a couple of hours reading in the waiting room for her.  I'd really rather be weaving or packing or working on Part II of the presentation.

So many balls in the air - I feel like any second they are all going to come tumbling down around my head.  :)

At least the clouds have cleared away a bit - it was very chilly and dreary this morning.

Currently reading Dressed for Death by Donna Leon.

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