Monday, February 4, 2013

Breathing Space

Today we drove back to Chattanooga to prepare for the workshop here.  I would have taken a picture except that would have meant digging my cell phone out of my bag, then putting it away again.  And that seemed like way too much, just to show how much you can stuff into a vehicle!

There were three weavers, two looms (with stands), my large suitcase, three overnight cases, assorted boxes, bags, roll of blinds (mine, for warp packing), purses (in my case a rather large attach√© case),  miscellaneous other bits and bobs, warm coats and boots.   After the snow in Nashville over the weekend, those last seemed prudent.

The day was overcast but dry, we made good time and even went to the studio to off load the looms and other stuff, getting the room rearranged and pretty much ready for Wednesday morning.

Not sure what we will do tomorrow.  I'm sure we will think of something.   We are, after all, creative!


Mary Smith said...

I am supposed to be signed up for your class on Wednesday the 6th and can't reach anyone to tell me what time it starts. Mary Smith

Ellen said...

I love it that I can read your blog normally on my iPad. I LOVE your blog, your methods, and your adventures.

Toni said...

You're having some great adventures, Laura!