Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting My Groove On (Sort Of)

I found it difficult to get back into any sort of routine after getting home and this warp took way longer than it should have, just from sheer distraction factor.  However, I did finally get it weaving last night and jumped onto the loom first thing (relatively speaking) this morning.

The relative humidity isn't very high right now and rather than chance broken selvedge threads I elected to weave this warp with a temple.  Yes it slows me down, but I'd rather go slower and not have issues!  I also dug out the humidifier because I'll be switching to hemp weft once this cotton weft part is done and the hemp should be more co-operative with higher humidity in the studio.

This first cloth is another 'sample' for the designer in Vancouver.  She was very interested in the hemp because it is cheaper than linen but behaves like linen - i.e. very little stretch.  For her product this lengthwise stability is desireable so I'm weaving a full sized 'sample' for her to test.  Even though she prefers much brighter colours, if she doesn't want the sample I can use it for a different application so I'm weaving with a warm beige.  It isn't beating in quite 'square' but I'm not fussing about that too much.  The blocks will be slightly longer than they are wide and since that looks pleasing to me I'm going with consistency rather than perfection.  :^)

I also found a bucket of towels needing hemming, so instead of putting another towel warp on the small loom I'm going to do a place mat warp.  I'm essentially out of mats but have some inventory of towels so it seems like a good idea to top up some on those.  Besides I'm running low on cotton for towels and feel the need to place another yarn order.  I also want to try Brassard's new 2/16 cottolin yarn.  I think it would make great cloth for tops and it would be nice to actually have some handwoven clothing I can fit into for the up coming conferences and other teaching events.  :-/   I did lose a couple of pounds on my trip but historically I put it right back on again when I get home so I'm going to have to work on weight loss a lot more seriously than I have been the past few years.

The good news is that I didn't lose much in terms of working on the trampoline as I feared and I'm finally back to that, too.  Gotta protect these old bones as much as possible!

Currently reading The Wizard of London by Mercedes Lackey  (I've managed to miss her books until now - am quite enjoying this one and will look for more.)


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I really like this cloth! It looks like a 3/1 twill with random changes of direction. What fiber are you using that gives it such a sheen? I think it would make interesting towels.

Laura Fry said...

Hi Rhonda, it's turned twill blocks. The warp is hemp with unmercerized 2/8 cotton weft. :)