Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plunging Back In

No photos 'cause I haven't gotten into the studio yet.

Today was spent mostly working on paperwork - bank deposit, balancing cheque book, sifting through bills, unpacking suitcases (not quite done that) and just generally getting back into the swing of things.

One of the priorities that took way longer than hoped was the trip to the doctor to get my meds renewed, then wait while the pharmacy got them ready.  I also ran to the store and found a pair of shoes in my size.  Since I'd worn out the pair I had with me, getting a new pair was a bit of a priority.  :-/  They seem to run out of my size so quickly I wasn't sure when I could find a pair and grabbed them when they were actually in stock.

Also started sorting through emails.  I'd pared my inbox down before I left, but it was up to over 600 by the time I got home.  Most of them I'd dealt with, one way or another while I was away, but there are several messages in there that require further attention - like the ones from Scotland changing the date for the one day Magic workshop to May 4.  I also need to contact my friend to see how that is going to impact the trip.

Doug has the spools wound for the hemp warp.  Now I'm wondering if I have sufficient yarn left for weft.  :(  I may need to order another cone in before I dress the loom so that it doesn't wind up on hold waiting for more to arrive.

In the meantime there is still the small loom on which I could set up placemats, or more towels.  I sold quite a few towels and could stand to have more for inventory.

Anyway, that's a problem for tomorrow.  I should be hearing from the Fort St. John group about whether or not that workshop is a 'go' and then I have to jump on the preparations for that or they won't have time to dress their looms.....

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