Friday, February 15, 2013

Catching Up

Still in catch up mode.  Had a minor(?) glitch when I got home - my iPad would not connect to my own wifi system.  :(  This was particularly irritating because it performed beautifully everywhere else!

My web guru finally sussed out the problem and got it fixed.  Hopefully I will remember this in the future although the fix was a tad arcane....

Crunched the numbers and it looks like I've got sufficient yarn to proceed with the hemp samples for AGY: Linen and Hemp so I'm hoping to get started on that when I get back from town and mailing a couple of orders, paying a few bills.  I am aiming for a very small print run - around 60.  I figure that most people aren't all that interested in linen and hemp so there won't be all that much demand for that particular topic.  It will also be more expensive than cotton because the yarn is simply that much more expensive.  Ditto silk.  So that topic will also likely be a short run, too.  Again, if you're interested and not on my contact list, email me at laura at laurafry dot com

Right now I'm eating lunch and listening to a cd I bought while in TN.  My host and hostess treated me to a concert while in Chattanooga.  Turned out the group was (mostly) from Canada - Jesse Cook.  I hadn't heard of him before but thoroughly enjoyed the concert and bought a souvenir cd to enjoy when I got home.  It's also loaded onto the iPad.

The weather here is too warm - hovering around freezing - which means the roads are....nasty.  When I left Memphis the magnolias were starting to bloom.  :-/

Well, I'm done eating.  Better package up those two orders and get them into the mail - and see if they have the new rate schedule for packages.  Since the small packet rate is going to be history, I need to figure out the new shipping rate for AGY.

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