Thursday, February 7, 2013


The workshop at Chattanooga is now history.  Pat stripped the warp off her loom and dressed it with the warp for Memphis and Judy is working on hers.  But it is time for dinner and a back break!

The predicted rain arrived early so I am keeping fingers crossed that it will end early so that the drive tomorrow will be dry.  At least it isn't snow!

I'm doing two workshops in Memphis, one over the weekend on block weaves, the other on Monday and Tuesday on working more efficiently.  And then on Wednesday I head back north and...winter.

I am not sure what will be waiting for me when I get home apart from computer problems.  :(  hopefully by the time I get home Doug will have figured out the problem and got it fixed.  Sure hope so.  Replacing the computer was not in the budget!  :(

The trip has been great so far.  I've met some wonderful people and put faces to names.  Tennessee will claim a special place in my memories.   :)

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Sandra Rude said...

Safe travels, and I hope the computer problems prove to be easy fixes.