Sunday, February 3, 2013

Over the Hump

The tour is now officially over half way through.  Another 12 days to home.  I'm not missing the snow and cold weather at home at all although the weather here has, so far, been 'interesting'.   There was another sprinkle of snow here overnight but it was warm enough that the roads were fine.  Since it was Sunday traffic was light  and everyone made it to class.

I think everyone made good progress yesterday so today people finished up weaving their samples.  As usual some weaves were more interesting than others and those warps got used up more quickly.  Some were faster to weave, some slower.  But I think most people increased their knowledge.

Tomorrow we will leave for Chattanooga for a combination of two topics.  I haven't done that before so I hope I can pull it off.   We will talk about weaving more efficiently/ergonomically, participants will dress their looms with warps from the Mug Rugs and More workshop and then I will leave them to weave off their mug rugs as part of a study group effort.  I'm hoping I can squeeze everything into the two days.  :}

Nothing like stretching myself beyond my comfort zone!

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