Thursday, February 21, 2013

February Funk

I had hoped, by being away for a month, to skip the funk that comes in February.  Not so.  Yesterday, after several days of minor um, difficulties, I found myself sinking into the mire that only in February seems so...challenging.  Stuff that I can normally throw off with a shrug turned into huge stumbling blocks and I threw myself a small pity party.

Even the positive things seemed not quite as shiny and bright as they would if I weren't wallowing in feeling somewhat sorry for myself.

After a few emails arrived last night with news of progress on several of the seemingly bogged down projects I managed to give myself a good shake (a whining vent to a couple of friends surely helped!) and today I finished threading the place mats and started weaving.  The exercise is a good antidote to the 'poor me' syndrome so I'm sure that helped, too.

I also got a nice card from the organizer of one of the workshops in January, really welcome positive feedback which also helped to elevate my mood.

Today I'm wondering if I should go ahead and book my flight to Sweden before fuel prices leap any higher.  I also want to order more yarn in - decided it would be nice if I had some hand woven garments that actually fit me - because it doesn't look like I'm going to lose weight any time soon.  :(  And I found a really nice loose fitting top pattern that I already had on hand that I'm pretty sure isn't beyond my sewing skills and would look really nice with a simple striped fabric cut on the bias - something that a handwoven twill would do rather nicely.

I also really need to make a to-do list.  I'm going to be away so much over the next few months and there is a great deal to be done before September!  I'm in danger of letting my funks eat up way too much of my time.  I think I really need a list that I can post near the computer so that I can motivate myself to cross some of them off, preferably on a daily basis.  Administrivia eats up so much time but I really need to be more productive in the evenings and jump on the hand work that has piled up, instead of vegging with my iPad playing games or surfing the net.

Part of the problem, I think, is that it was so nearly spring time in Tennessee with the magnolia trees starting to bloom and I came home to two feet (or more) of snow still on the ground and spring a very long ways away.  The sun is trying to shine today and the temperature has been warm enough that the snow is starting to melt, so hopefully spring will come soon.  If I can just immerse myself in what I want to accomplish in the next few weeks, I am quite sure the funk that comes in February will soon melt away, too.


Laura said...

I lapse into funks on a regular basis during the winter. I can see how going from incipient spring back into snow would be very hard. All of my snow had just about melted, and then it snowed again last night (a dusting, but grrrr).

I'm working on shaking off the blahs to get a boatload of dyeing done - my first show is March 30...

Hang in there!

Tien Chiu said...

For managing to-do lists, try - they do very simple online to-do lists. I love them and use Trello to manage both work and home to-do lists.

And I hope you pull out of your funk soon! Come visit me in California sometime - we've got lots of sunshine to take the winter blues away!

Laura Fry said...

It would be fun to come for a visit but no bookings anywhere nearby. :) Maybe one day.

Feeling better after finishing my 7th treatment and initiating the search for tickets to Sweden/UK. Looking forward to visiting textile museums and hopefully weavers in the UK!