Friday, February 8, 2013

En Route

We are on the road to Nashville. The light rain has eased although the road is still a bit wet.

We were able to cram the back of Pats SUV full with two looms, my large and small suitcases, the blinds for warp packing, a box of extra yarns, and oh yes, Pat and Judy's luggage.

And we have just encountered fog which I hope won't last too long.

Pat has really gone above and beyond fetching and carrying me all over Tennessee. In fact we also just now crossed over into a different time zone. :)

This truly is a very large continent.
The drive from Chattanooga to Memphis is at least five and a half hours plus stops. It is different from home in that I can get cell phone reception with very few dead zones here! ;)

We are out of the fog now and the landscape is becoming flatter with fewer hills, much more prairie like. It is in winter hibernation now but must be lovely and lush with vegetation in the spring. Maybe one time I will get back to see it in full bloom....

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Martin Leadbitter said...

Nothing to do with weaving but you are travelling some of my favourite songs!