Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Attitude Adjustment

Having exercised a successful attitude adjustment, I am now well underway in terms of rayon chenille scarf production.  The first warp went into the loom yesterday with one scarf (out of two) already woven off.

This morning I decided to start sorting through the yarn inventory to see what I could possibly come up with for colour combinations.  Here is the beginning - two warps wound, one more on the way.  Since the photo was taken, I wound two more warps (the pink/red in cones/tubes in the picture and a black/blue/grey).

I have also gone through and picked out a couple more potential combinations but first I have to start weaving some of the ones that are already wound.  I only have a half dozen of the small boxes and have four filled so....

On another front, someone asked me about the small (four shaft) 'Swedish' Snowflake draft which was published in Weavers and Best of Weavers: Twill Thrills.

I called it Canadian Snowflake, although I don't remember if Weavers used that title or not.  :)

I know this photo is kind of small - if you want a copy of the draft email me: laura at laurafry dot com

I will send it in a Word document so you don't need to have weaving software.

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Fran said...

Thanks, Laura; I'll try that one, too! Anything but the tyrant square/rectangle!


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

This looks great! I'm going to give it a try :o) Caroline x

Charlene Quinilty said...

Please send a word draft of the Canadian snow flake. Would love to try.