Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Little Spinny

The weekend was spent exploring spinning yarn.  Now it is back to weaving it.

Monday I need to finish the Power Point presentation on lace weaves for the webinar at the end of the month so rather than actually weaving, I will be taking photos, generating drafts, trying to sort out how best to explain the differences and similarities of the three main loom controlled lace weaves.

A bit of a challenge that may leave me feeling just a tad spinny!

So far we haven't explored beyond the town.  On Tuesday we will go for the 'historic walk' downtown, something I keep meaning to do but never have until now because I have out of town company!  The perfect excuse...

This week there will also be live entertainment at noon at the downtown plaza so we will no doubt enjoy some music on Tuesday as well.

The two weeks of Mary's visit is whizzing by all too quickly.


4 Paws Weaving said...

I love this photo you have posted...looks like a butterfly...can I ask how many shafts it took for this draft?

Anonymous said...

This was done on 16 shafts. And yes it is meant to be a butterfly. :)


4 Paws Weaving said...