Friday, July 24, 2015


Yesterday Doug beamed the next tea towel warp and this morning I started threading.  The 'bad' news is that the two cones of 12 singles linen I have left in my stash are actually singles 24.  A much finer thread!  Since this warp was set up to have singles 12 used on it, my only option is to set up my doubling stand and wind two threads at a time.  Something I wasn't prepared to do this morning.

Also thinking about advantages/disadvantages.  Frequently discussion will start on one of the chat groups about the advantages/disadvantages of various methods/processes/equipment.

Thing is, an advantage is something that helps you, while a disadvantage is something that hinders you.  This will mean different things to different people at different times.  So the fact that a loom will fold up isn't an advantage to me because my looms never get folded up.  Yes, the back beam on my Leclerc Fanny will fold up, but I never do so that feature is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage to me.

Many of the small 'folding' looms have disadvantages (to me) that make working on them a PITA - short distance from breast to back beam, small warp/cloth beams, folding during weaving because they can't handle the enthusiasm with which I treadle and beat, and so on.

Warping front to back stopped giving me 'good' results (in my opinion) many moons ago so I don't.  That doesn't mean I haven't done it or even at times recommended others doing it in certain circumstances.  But as a blanket process?  Not working for me.

I would much rather see lists of features in a piece of equipment than a list of advantages/disadvantages because a new weaver simply doesn't know what might constitute an advantage/disadvantage to them.  We come in all shapes and sizes so not all looms will work well for all people, all of the time.  I get a little fussed when people decry back to front warping as 'requiring all that extra equipment' or that 'it's a waste of time to rough sley then have to sley the reed again after beaming'.  A raddle is simply and easily made, or a reed can be used instead of a raddle.  And any process that saves time or gives me better results somewhere along the process is not a waste of time in my opinion.

Bottom line?  If something is an advantage to you, great.  Please bear in mind it might not be an advantage to me.

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blopeep said...

Clearly, we get the same emails. Amen, Laura. There are many ways of doing things, each with benefits/drawbacks - but the relevancy is personal. Understanding *why* is what makes us better at anything we do. Question everything and then make your own choice. Weave on, my friend. Weave on.