Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Canada Day

Today is Canada Day - a day of celebration of the 'birth' of our country.  We are enjoying a lovely sunny day and there are many events going on of which I am attending...none.  Rather I am celebrating that I am getting better, have a little more energy and tackling a mountain of administrivia that really needs to be dealt with.

Procrastination is fine but doesn't accomplish the stuff that really needs doing.

As a self-employed person, every day is a potential work day.  Yes, even Canada Day!

To that end, the first of the towel pictures - these towels are made with 2/16 cotton warp and a tow linen weft.  Price is $32 each.  There are about 6 of each (more of the orange/beige) left although I still haven't made it to the annex to do an actual count.  Hopefully later today.

Today I am wet finishing a couple of loads of tea towels - more of the rose ones, and the first 10 off the blue/green warp.  Will get photos of those posted in the next day or two.  

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