Monday, July 13, 2015


Huck lace on the diagonal

Swedish Lace

Spent much of today preparing the webinar Power Point presentation.  The above are a couple of images I will probably use to show that lace weaves don't necessarily need to have holes.  (Loom state above, wet finished below.  Click on photo to biggify.)

The above fabrics were woven of wool and in both cases fulled.

Now why would anyone want to weave lace in wool and full it so that the holes close up?

Hmm - maybe I should tease and say, sign up for the webinar?

Or maybe I'll just say, because lace weaves can also produce a nice texture and the warp/weft floats can provide warmth.  We all know that trapped air provides insulation, and where there are weft floats on one surface there are warp floats on the other making a little 'pocket' where air can become trapped.

This and other information will be provided in the webinar scheduled for July 27.  Just saying...

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Peg Cherre said...

I haven't received email notification of the webinar. Is it through Interweave?

Laura Fry said...

Yes, coming soon. I have to write a blog post for Weaving Today, um, today. Deadline coming up very quickly!


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