Thursday, July 2, 2015

Taking Stock

Yesterday, with the help of a friend, several boxes of textiles were tagged and priced, ready to go to the annex for storage until the fall sales.  Since I had been fretting about the upcoming fall sales, it felt great to see the pile all in one place.  

Not all of this is quite ready yet.  Doug is pressing more towels and a dozen place mats I cut apart, serged and wet finished yesterday.  By tonight I will have more hemming to do.

The next mat warp is rough sleyed, ready to beam, one warp is patiently waiting in the wings and another is in the process of being wound.  There are about 25 yards left on the AVL for towels.  I have a Power Point presentation to write, a class manual to edit, and bob save me, I'm contemplating writing another book.  Yikes.   

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