Thursday, July 9, 2015

Natal Day

Began early when Mary arrived at the airport last night, only a few minutes late after some adventures along the way.

Bruin is looking particularly interested in us.  I think s/he thinks Mary looks delicious!  :D

Although our airport is small, it is interesting with some displays, like this one celebrating the abundant wildlife we have living around us.  It is not unusual to see bears in town in mid-to late August.  Most times they are just looking for ripe fruit but if they get into the garbage, it is bad news for the bear.  :(

I live near a couple of green belts that lead out to the river and it is not uncommon to see deer, moose or even foxes.

We have taken it easy today.  Mary was exhausted from traveling and I had a bad night and couldn't sleep so there isn't much energy for much of anything.  Mary is getting acquainted with a borrowed Lendrum spinning wheel and we'll go play with some yarns and design a tea towel warp using the Fibonacci sequence before we go out for my birthday dinner.

We went for a walk this morning before it got really hot.  It is supposed to cool off a little bit tomorrow and the following days.  I told Mary we were easing her into our northern climes.


MegWeaves said...

Have a blast, you two, and Doug.

terri said...

Happy Birthday!Here's to many more!

Anonymous said...

Happy Natal Day Laura! Enjoy your day.

Katie said...

Beautiful smiles on your faces. Enjoy.

LA said...

Happy Birthday!!! May your bobbins always be full and your threads knot free!

Sandra Rude said...

Sounds to me like a very happy, if tired, birthday! All best, Sandra

steelwool said...

Felicitations on your natal day. Sounds like you had a busy day. I wish you a year full of full and wonderful days, hopefully bear free.