Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life, Interrupted

Diana Krall

There is a movement where people are tattooing semi-colons onto their bodies as a reminder that bad things happen to good people but it doesn't have to mean that one's life is over.  It is just Life, Interrupted.

I think it's an interesting concept, although not one I'm about to emulate.  With all my allergies, injecting ink under my skin just doesn't appeal.  That doesn't mean I don't understand why people are doing it.  Sometimes you need something to remind you that when bad things happen they don't need to be permanent.  Or, if 'permanent', they don't have to define you as a person.

I have enough scars, however, to remind me of that fact!  And I mean that literally.

It is always amazing to me how much damage a body can sustain and still keep going.  People wind up with horrendous injuries but they still manage to recover enough to carry on with a life filled with meaning and love.

I've had Diana Krall's cd Glad Rag Doll for several years, but yesterday I really listened to the lyrics to Let It Rain.  And it struck a chord inside me, such that I wanted to share it with my friends.

The lyrics can be found on the internet, but click on the link above to hear her perform the song.  Life may get interrupted from time to time with bad things.  That doesn't mean we will never be happy again.

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Anonymous said...

What you've said is so true. Life leaves scars, inside and out, but carrying on is a choice I continue to make.