Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tortoise Pace

At times progress seems painfully slow.  

Company arrives Wednesday, in time for dinner if her flight arrives on time, and I have a stack of things that wants doing before she arrives.   Somehow I doubt I'm going to manage it and she might be forced to play on one or other of the looms while I tackle some deadlines and wrestle them to the ground.

The weather continues hot and humid for us, but more worryingly is the wildfire situation.  With the hot dry weather comes wildfires and since we are surrounded by bush, smoke drift is a distinct possibility.  

Doug will go pressing tomorrow because some of the towels on the loom were purchased.  Here is Confetti, right out of the dryer.  They will look even better after pressing. 

This photo shows both sides of the cloth and how well the reed marks disappeared in wet finishing. 

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Louisa said...

Well, we're the ones living in the smoke here in Vancouver! It's like sitting next to a campfire. Inside the house. Just awful!! An Australian friend said it reminded her scarily of the bushfires. Wish we had AC so we can close all the windows and crank it up. Makes for some interesting sunrises and sunsets though.

I really like your confetti dots!

Laura Fry said...

We have had some really bad instances of smoke drift and for people with lung/breathing problems, it's truly awful. Hope the fires affecting the lower mainland can be dealt with quickly. We aren't too bad at the minute but if the wind shifts we will be getting it, too. .:(