Saturday, July 2, 2016

Be Not Afraid

During demos, observers usual panic a wee bit when they see the lease sticks do this, usually as I am transferring the continuous loops of the warp from the stick holding the loops onto the apron.

Inevitably one or two will swoop upon the lease sticks to 'save' them.  

If I notice, I will tell them not to bother, that nothing is 'wrong'.  The lease sticks are secured, the cross is being held. Everything is fine.  

Part of 'mastering' a craft is knowing the limits f the materials and equipment and when something needs to be fixed or can be left until the next step.

Once the loops are securely on the apron, the lease sticks can be re-aligned, the choke tie grasped and gently pulled to ease the loops back to being equal.  The warp is installed into the warping valet and it is good to go.  All is well. 

The biggest lesson to learn is the confidence to know the difference between disaster and a minor glitch. 

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Lady Locust said...

I learn so much from your blog. I have not yet had the opportunity to use lease sticks (newbie here) but was told I will want them. 2 more rugs then I'll do a "nicer" project and learn how to use the sticks.