Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Growing Weavers

My growing pile of proto scarves is quite satisfying but since it only requires surface thought, I have had quite a lot of time to think about other things.  

One of those things is contemplating the surge in interest in weaving and the large pool of people new to the craft.  

While I am all in favour of leaping into the deep end of the pool (read my first blog posts for the story of my plunge into the deep end), I would encourage people to learn the vocabulary of the craft, the language of the materials, and hone their physical skills.  

It is the reason I am so enthusiastic about the Olds College master weaving program.  It rings all the bells that I believe need to be rung in terms of nurturing the principles of the craft.  

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a 'recipe' weaver.  But there must be some weavers who can create 'good' recipes.  And for that, I firmly believe the designer needs to have a good grasp of the elements of the craft.  


Peg Cherre said...

I went and read your first 2 blog posts, and now I'm going to go listen to that interview. Not an auspicious start, but obviously led wonderful places!

Laura Fry said...

Syne was a great interviewer. :)