Monday, July 11, 2016

Growing Pile

The pile of scarves continues to grow.  I am trying to weave two scarves a day, although I don't always make it.  But if I don't set a goal, I don't do anything.  Right now that just isn't acceptable because the fall shows will be here all too soon and I have other things I want/need to maybe host company in early August, spend the last week of August in Cape Breton, maybe take a workshop and visit with friends the end of September.  If I am to have sufficient inventory for the first craft fair the end of October, I need to make them now.  Because after weaving comes fringe twisting, wet finishing, trimming, tagging/pricing.  If all I had to do was weave, I could take it 'easy' now, but the job isn't done when the shuttle throwing is complete!

I also have been mulling over the teaching.  When I was told I needed by pass surgery, I really thought my days of travelling to teach were over.  If I was done teaching, I could get rid of the huge stack of teaching materials, which would free up a lot of room in the studio.  But here I am, heavily invested in growing the Olds Master Weaving program, and now guilds are contacting me again to come teach.  So today I dragged my big planning calendar out and will begin pencilling in tentative teaching dates for next year...and maybe even 2018...

Apparently I really don't know when to quit!


Sandra Rude said...

"but the job isn't done when the shuttle throwing is complete!" That's something the customers often don't realize, and part of my job is to explain to them that the shuttle throwing is an extremely small part (holding my hands a few inches apart) of the whole job (holding my hands a yard or so apart. That seems to get the idea across. But my, that's a satisfactory stack of scarves you've got there!

Laura Fry said...

Indeed, the shuttle throwing is just a very small part of the whole job! I love the look - and the feel - of a well beamed warp, too. :)