Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Plan, Boss, the Plan!

With apologies to a hokey 70's TV program...

Being a bit (?) of a control freak, and always thinking ahead, I generally have A Plan (or three) complete with deadlines.  Because if I don't have a deadline, nothing gets done.  I need a reason to get up and get dressed of a morning, and a self imposed deadline is the carrot AND the stick that just happens to work for me.  

Being self employed also means having to be self motivated.  Without a dream, which gets broken down into goals, which are fuelled by deadlines, I would happily curl up with a book or some other distraction.  

But right now some of my plans are waiting for feedback from other people, so until I hear back from them, I am in limbo.  My way of coping (in between obsessively checking my email) is to get into the studio.  Today I am dressing the loom with the 17th two-scarf warp since Olds.  My goal is to weave two scarves every day because a) I need inventory for the coming craft fair season b) I need a good range of colours and I'm working with a limited palette of colours, so two per warp will give me the greatest selection c) I am trying to bust stash and make this line of scarves from what I have on hand, not buy yet more yarn.  

Once the work begins on the house (one of the people I am anxiously waiting to hear from) there will be noise and dust, and I plan on heading to the guild room to write in the quiet there.  But it is now almost halfway through July, and still no word.  My patience, never in generous supply to begin with, is wearing very thin and I'm getting cranky.  

So I am going to set a deadline and get back to writing on that day.  I'm not sure yet which day that will be, but I cannot delay the writing much longer and still have something to show the graphic/layout person the end of September.  

In the meantime I still have to thread warp #17, with five more waiting in the wings and more yarn to be wound into warps...

Carrot.  Stick.  One and the same, for me.  

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Sandra Rude said...

You and me both. Uncertainty = crankiness! Hope the reno people get back to you soon with a start date, then other things can fall into place.