Sunday, July 24, 2016

Not Feeling the Love

Warp number four in the final count down of this series.  

And today I'm not feeling the love.  

I do love weaving.  I love being a full time creative person, setting my own goals.  Deciding if today is a good day in the studio.  I love the Idea of being independent, setting my own priorities.  

But there are times when the every day commitment isn't as much fun.  When I grow tired of a series, such as what has happened with this one.  When mentally I am done with it.  When approaching deadlines begin to announce the fact that they can't be ignored for much longer.  

It is sort of like serving yourself a meal when you are really really hungry, and you soon discover your eyes were bigger than your stomach.  Which is about the state I have reached...four more warps to do when I would much rather be doing something else. 

At times like these, I have to reach down sometimes way down, in order to continue.  I have to remind myself of the larger goals, in this case to a) use up some stash and b) have a new series ready for the all too quickly approaching fall sales season.  The season where I make about one half of my income for the year.  Where, if I have insufficient inventory, I might not make enough money to cover the show costs, never mind enough to get me through the following lean income months.  

Time to take a deep breath.  And continue.  And remember that this, too, is part of the job.  Even when I'm not exactly feeling the love.  


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

And crank up the music, or an audio book? You're just a few days from the finish of this series - you can prevail!

Peg Cherre said...

I sure hear you, Laura. Although I don't do series the way you do, it's not uncommon that I'll feel like I need to make more of x type of fabrics but I can't work up the desire to do so. Sometimes I can push through, sometimes I go with the 'make what you love' theory. Regardless, I can never predict what will sell and what I'll be carrying around for years. :-(