Saturday, July 23, 2016

Numbers Rolling Over

At 11 pm, the stats for my blog were getting very close to having a significant number about to appear.  To have so many people read my posts is amazing!

As some of you know, if you have been with me from the start, I began writing partly as a celebration of life.  I thought I had been through the 'worst' and things would only get better.  

Well, that isn't the way Life works, and there have been ups and downs, as they say.  

For those who joined at the beginning, thanks for sticking around.  For the new kids on the blog, thanks for the opportunity to share my warped (pun alert!) life.  


Esther Benedict said...

Thank you for sharing your life. As someone trying to start my own weaving business, your insights and advice are invaluable.

Patricia said...

I took a class from you in Memphis,TN and learned so much from you. Thanks to your teaching I can weave pain free. Thank you for sharing the reality of your life.

Laura Fry said...

This makes me so happy to hear. I constantly see photos on the internet of people sitting 'poorly', and I wince. I will be visiting Mary the end of Sept/beginning of Oct. :)