Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pro Tip

These warps were wound with one strand of Bambu 7 and one of a highly textured yarn.  I wound them both at once, with my index finger between them.  I find that winding them separated by a finger means they don't grab onto each other and snag during beaming.  

When I thread, I choose the yarns randomly as they present themselves, except at the selvedge.  Since the weave structure is plain weave, I manipulate the threads so that I have two Bambu 7 forming the selvedge.  This gives a nice tidy edge to the scarf.  


Dianne Q said...

Is you Bambu from Jane Stafford or Brassard (who call it bamboo I think)? I have some red bamboo from Brassard that is fraying...heard of that?? Also, need a pro tip on not running out of steam before a week of "I need....." Students drive me up the wall or worse yet out the door!

Laura Fry said...

This yarn is not from Brassard. I bought it directly from Silk City although I believe Jane carries the same yarn. The only time I used Brassards bamboo I found it wove up with no problems. I have used the 2/16 bamboo from Brassard in my shawls and there was no fraying so I don't know why it would be happening to you. :(