Monday, July 18, 2016

Wear and Tear

So many weavers tell me they prefer to weave with bare feet.  That's fine as long as no injury results.  It also depends on the type of loom and how much force is required to open the shed.  

When I weave on the AVL I use shoes with good support and lots of cushioning.  On the Leclerc Fanny, I need to be able to feel the treadles, but I also need protection from the abrasion of treadling.  When I weave on that loom, with its front hinged treadles, I wear ballet slippers.  

Last night when I removed the slippers I noticed I had worn holes through the leather on both feet.  The constant rubbing of my feet on the treadles is plainly visible on the soles.  Rubbing that would have been directly on my feet if I wove with them bare.  

Any kind of shoe with a flexible sole is fine...the shoes that are worn for Tai Chi, dance shoes, ordinary household slippers with a leather sole, whatever is preferred.   In my studio, I insist students wear some kind of footwear.   I don't want to see anyone develop problems with injury from repetitive stress.

Ready to go again!


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