Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again

another view of the Fox Fibre towels

I've woven enough that the cloth can now be seen at the bottom of the loom.  The design is a bit 'static' but nice enough.  I'll do four of these and then change treadling and colour to one of the paler shades of green.  What that new treadling will be I'm not sure yet.

We got hit with a snow 'storm' and received about 12" of snow.  My neighbour, knowing I wasn't feeling at the top of my form, shovelled my driveway for me.  I was able to get to town, mail the scarf and pick up the first of this month's quota of bills.  Oh joy. 

Finally dealt with the stack of paperwork on my desk, most of which related to the teaching I'm scheduled to do next March.

So far my little tour looks like this:

Triangle Weavers (Durham, NC) guild lecture A Good Yarn Friday March 2
Triangle Weavers workshop Magic in the Water part II Sat/Sun/Mon March 3-5

From there I'll head over to Sarasota, FL - just waiting on the contract from them with their choice of topics.  That will be Thur/Fri/Sat March 8-10

March 12-16 will be The Efficient Weaver at the John C. Campbell Folk School.  I heard today that there are 4 signed up already.  I think the maximum is 12 on that one.

March 17 will be a one day workshop at the Sutherland Weaving Studio in Asheville, NC, topic to be decided.

I've applied to teach A Good Yarn at the HWSDA conference in Alberta next year and hope to actually make it to the arts festival in Grand Forks in August.  I also have a couple of conference calls for teaching on my desk and I'm trying to decide if I'll apply and what I will offer to teach.  So I guess my paperwork isn't actually all caught up, after all.  :}

Currently reading The Complains by Ian Rankin (I actually started this before I left for Vancouver and left it behind instead of packing it!)

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Michelle said...

Both of the Fox fiber designs are a beautiful use of the yarn.