Sunday, March 31, 2013

Under Pressure

With the pressure of getting the warps to be painted completed, the work table is now available to do other things - like continue the samples for AGY: L&H.

There is added pressure to get cracking on the publication for several reasons.

Doug got up on the roof yesterday because the ice dam over our back door reached critical mass and he spent some time breaking it up and giving the roof a careful inspection.  Turns out it ought to have been replaced at least two years ago - it's in much worse shape than he realized.

If I'd known that two months ago I would not have planned the trip across the pond as the roof is going to cost about what the trip is...but I didn't, and the tickets are now purchased (if not paid for - that's what plastic is for, right?) and can't be cancelled without a big penalty.

With my back, neck and shoulder is such 'delicate' condition, it is also a really good idea to bring as many of the AGY:L&H samples with me so that they can be cold mangled on Kerstin's big mangle.  I can do it myself with my small cold mangle, but it requires a fair amount of physical effort - in all the muscle groups that are protesting.

There are 5 samples woven, #6 is on the AVL but it is going to be hard pressed on Puff, not cold mangled, so that means I have to get the last four samples woven on the small loom before I leave on April 23.  Piece of cake?  Probably.  Hopefully.

I get home on the 17th of May (with any luck a new roof and repaired chimney all present and accounted for) and I need to leave for ANWG by June 19 at the latest.

So long as I don't have any other critical commitments to deal with, I ought to be able to tape/cut the before samples, cut the afters, tie the yarn samples, Doug will staple them and I have to write the text.  Since I've also been sending the text files away to be edited, I need to allow time for my editor to go through the files (she says she goes through each file 4-5 times), get the pages printed and then assemble it all between the time I get home (jet-lagged with a 9 hour time zone difference, plus my Rituximab treatment on the 22nd).

I will also have tasks associated with conference preparation, although not too much as I'm only presenting seminars.

Ready?  Set?  GO!

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DebbieB said...

If anyone can do it, Laura, you can!