Monday, June 10, 2024

Carrots (not Sticks)


Yesterday I cut the shawl warp off the loom and started setting up for the next warp, on which I will be weaving samples to illustrate an article I'm writing.  Actually, I'm thinking I could weave samples for two different articles, so I'm thinking about how many samples I need and what needs to be shown.  

That doesn't mean I won't weave more later, but both articles have a deadline of Oct. 1, so I'd like to get started on them now.

Both articles are on topics very much in my 'wheelhouse' (as they say) since both have wet finishing as a factor.  I've just not done much experimenting in the particular aspects that are wanted, so it's a learning opportunity for me - one that I'm very much looking forward to exploring.

The thing is, when I was in high production I didn't have the time (or energy) to dig deeply into some aspects of weaving.  Now that I'm 'retired' (for certain values of) I have less urgent need to produce at volume so I can afford to take the time - and the yarn - to experiment.  I think I'm finally finding my 'retirement' niche!

In the meantime, the yarn from Brassard arrived this morning.  This yarn was ordered in specifically to be warp for the fine singles linen weft.  I have a plan for it but still need to design the actual weaving drafts.  But the concept is formulated in broad strokes - just need the fine detail.

Weaving with the natural linen was so lovely that I'm really looking forward to working with colours that are more attuned to my personal 'taste' - beige is not really my favourite colour!  But I'm pleased with the results of the cloth and am very much looking forward to getting to these colours.

We are nearing the summer solstice and soon enough the daylight hours will begin reducing as we slide towards winter.  With this box of yarn I will have plenty of weaving to do in the winter months.

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