Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Marking Progress


Progress happens slowly enough in weaving that sometimes I post things just to remind myself that I actually have been getting stuff done.

Truth to tell, these shawls came off the loom fairly quickly.  It was the fringe twisting that has taken so much time.  Usually I allow the same amount of shuttle throwing time for fringe twisting, but shawls are a lot wider than scarves, so the fringe twisting actually takes longer than the weaving.

However, here are the first three shawls.

They are a nice quality (I think) and I'm pleased enough with them.  

The next warp is beamed, threaded, sleyed and tied on.  Today I will weave the samples for the first article I'm working on.  Once I have the samples woven and the 'experiments' done, I can begin writing the text.

It's been fun digging through my resources, then the internet, (figured out how to access Google internet searches by turning AI references off - yay!) and then thinking about the topic.  Rather than weave all of the samples, I'm going to dig through my teaching samples and use some of those as more examples.

The next warp is 2/8 and it should go fairly quickly once I've finished the required samples.  And then I will put another 2/16 cotton warp into the loom and start using the bleached white linen for weft.  I still have to do an inventory and bring my ko-fi shop into some kind of order for my birthday bash sale the beginning of July, plus deal with the rest of the guild books.  

Some of the guild books just aren't all that saleable, I guess, so I may dump them into the 'sale by donation' pile in the guild room.  But some of them are quite 'rare' and I'm sure someone, somewhere, would like them and I hate to just toss them.  So, I'll try once more.

When I've got the updated list I will post here, and then start listing them on sales groups (in Canada only), or I might see if I can post the really 'rare' ones to other sites like ANWG, or maybe Complex Weavers, if they allow sales.  TBD.

We are approaching the solstice and soon the days will begin to shorten their daylight hours and we'll be back to winter.

And so the cycle repeats as we go round the sun one more time.

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