Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finished! (Almost)

This morning I went up to the annex and fired up Puff so that I could press the cloth that went through the washer and dryer last night.

I'm quite pleased with the results.  The green and brown are the Fox Fibre weft yarn, the white uses 'ordinary' 2/16 cotton in natural for weft.  The pattern in the two Fox Fibre cloths is quite subtle now but shows up when viewed from different angles.  I like the way it plays peek-a-boo.  ;)

The warp is over the half way mark now although I'm not exactly sure how far.  I'll measure the 3 pieces tomorrow when they are dry and get them sewn up.  I've got massage tomorrow afternoon so probably won't weave after that - sewing these items will likely be a better activity (and let my neck muscles rest from weaving).

I'd hoped to have this warp off the loom before Wednesday but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.  I'm thinking the next warp might be a silk scarf warp.  I've got a bunch of 2/20 natural white silk already on spools so beaming that warp will be easy.  For weft I have some finer tussah silk.  Since I can only sell a few 'white' scarves I'll probably weave them up and then dye them after weaving.  Which means a hem stitched end, not fringe twisting.  :)  I've got way more fringe twisting to do, I really don't need to add to that mountain of finishing work. 

The really nice thing about hem stitching is that no further 'finishing' is required once off the loom.  And hem stitching a scarf really doesn't take all that long.


Sharon Schulze said...

Is here still a little fringe even when you hemstitch or ... something else?

Laura said...

Yes, there is a fringe - I usually just leave about an inch on a silk scarf. Any longer and the fringe just tangles terribly, especially as the scarves will get dyed after weaving. :)